The joys of software

I have several wordpress blogs installed. All on the same webserver in different vhosts, same wordpress version, same plugins. On two of them the plugin that does the tweeting/plurking/facebooking/googleplussing of new blog posts works fine … on two it does not. And with no root access it is fiendishly hard to find out what’s wrong.

KDE 4.3.1

Now that KDE 4.3.1 is out, the whole thing becomes actually usable…… still, I just wish they hadn’t removed so much functionality that I was used to have.Current list of grievances: Amaroks "smart playlists" are still dumb Amarok has lost all kind of k3b-related features dragon replaced kaffeine… too bad that dragon can’t even do something as simple as a Continue reading KDE 4.3.1