From 0 to Kubernetes – now the sh*t really hit the fan.

so… according to the rancher docs you can upgrade your k3s by just running the install command again…

…turns out that if you forget the important bit about disabling the k3s builtin traefik deployment your k3s is kaput after.

Guess I’ll have to wipe that machine and start over, that might be just a wee bit faster than trying to manually repair a K3s setup that, after all, wasn’t actually running anything important…

This time I think I’ll use openSUSE Micro OS instead of debian, just for something new.

Yes, I should be aware that Red Hat OpenShift is so much more reliable, and for test & development purposes you get it for free with your Developer Subscription (which I have).

But what can you do in a dual core AMD Turion 2 with 8GB RAM? Definitely not a single node openshift, so I’m not even gonna try.

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