From 0 to Kubernetes – step 4, deploying the kubernetes dashboard… not.

This is where we stand right now: K3s is up and running, we can deploy apps with kubectl and create https routes pointing at stuff.

But it’s all from the CLI. Some people (like me) would also like to have some form of GUI to poke things, so let’s deploy a dashboard.

After trying for several days to get the kubernetes dashboard up and running behind a traefik route I gave up on that – in my personal option dashboard is so overly complicated and unorganized that it’s almost unusable…

Finally I gave up and installed portainer instead, which is simple enough. Just follow the instructions on this page. For our K3s setup you should use the method that uses yaml files, and install the variant with a loadbalancer, so do it like this:

kubectl apply -n portainer -f

After that all you need is a https route pointing at it, so create another yaml file with the content shown here (obviously you have to adapt the hostname in the traefik routing rule according to your setup), and apply it. Again, note the “tls: {}” that tells Traefik to use the default certificate.

After this your portainer should be reachable via http and https on the hostname you set in that Traefik yaml file.

Continued here.

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