Sometimes something breaks, and it’s not even Windows that is at fault…

So for the longest time my laptop had been giving me headaches regarding saved login credentials on Windows.

Ever so often I’d log in, and it would fail to restore my mapped network drives, claiming that the server couldn’t be found, or that there was no access and then I’d have to try to manually log in to the samba shares a few times, and finally it would work, and stay working and “remembered” for a while, and then break again.

And I’ve basically blamed windows, and sort of lived with it – most of the time that laptop is running linux anyways, and when it isn’t, I’m usually playing one out of the two games on it (hard disk’s a bit smallish…).

Today I finally decided to dig around a bit – and booh turns out it wasn’t really windows that was to blame.

At some point in the past, the default for the samba setting “username map” was changed from /etc/samba/smbusers to “no username map”.

Of course I wouldn’t get access to my samba shares when the server didn’t have proper mapping from windows names to linux accounts…


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