KDE 4.10.0, a very first quick glance

KDE 4.10 has been released, and I have upgraded my old desktop computer that sits on a shelf in our home server room and runs a NoMachine server to have KDE 4.10.0 on it.

First attempt: migrate my existing KDE 4.9.5 desktop environment.

First result: failure. Basically nothing related to kontact/KDEPIM works after this.

Second attempt: delete everything kde related from that home folder (basically ~/.kde*, ~/.local and ~/.config) and try again.

Second result: after going through the “wizard”, kontact/KDEPIM still needs too many additional steps to be actually usable, but after that it sort of works. I have no idea how much of it will still work if ~ is on a nfs drive, though.

Overall opinion: I hope that KDE 4.10 has matured enough once openSUSE 12.3 rolls around with it as the default KDE desktop.

3 thoughts on “KDE 4.10.0, a very first quick glance

  1. I had to swich akonadi to mysql from sqlite3 because it wasn’t functioning for me after upgrade to akonadi 1.9.0. After that, it is back to normal for me. I do use Gentoo, not SUSE so I’m not sure if my experience can apply to this.

    There was some roughness with the display for a bit, transparency failed to apply on konsole, but after a while it reverted back to normal. It wasn’t an easy transition to be sure.

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