KDE 4.4.1

Just updated my laptop at work to kde 4.4.1… and I have to say, that was refreshingly painless.

Even with that akonadi pim storage and strigi/nepomuk desktop search indexing going on in the background.

I’ve seen others saying that (at least on the first run) either of those two can totally lock up your system by eating all memory and then some. But that was in KDE 4.4.0.


Seems that composite effects are much faster and way more stable in this release… switched the stuff on and it’s still damn well usable, on a cripple graphics chipset intel graphics chipset…

Now i actually have to read the "what’s new" docs for kde 4.4.x….

3 thoughts on “KDE 4.4.1

  1. I’ve been running KDE 4.4.1 for a couple of days on Arch. I’m liking it! Did experience lockups that went away when I disabled Strigi and Nepomuk. I don’t use all that indexing stuff anyhow….

  2. well, you need akonadi for kontact and akonadi needs nepomuk… so I can only switch off strigi… which I didn’t, that search is actually useful.

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