openSUSE 11.2… the day after.

So now it’s been a few weeks since openSUSE 11.2 hit the street.

Here are a few impressions / factoids that i discovered so far:

  • upgrading through zypper with "zypper dup" as described on the openSUSE wiki: epic fail on 2 out of 3 tries. Both failed machines used the "desktop" kernel, maybe that is the reason.
  • upgrading from DVD through yast: works fine. BUT I also picked the "default" kernel right from the start so maybe that is what made the upgrade work.
  • clean install: no problems.
  • ext4 is damn fast in deleting huge subdirectories.
  • KDE4 needs to be upgraded to 4.3.4 to be usable; oSS is going to release 4.3.4 as a patchset for OSS 11.2 any day now.
  • the "desktop" kernel breaks openVPN. Not a good thing.

On the whole, openSUSE 11.2 is pretty good after you find the little tripping stones…

4 thoughts on “openSUSE 11.2… the day after.

  1. In a mad dash to keep openSuse updated with various repos I always get into trouble. In fact, I used Sabayon 5.1 just to use KDE 4.3.4 while avoiding broken dependencies.

    All I wanted was a dependable KDE4 experience, but in the end I went to Mint (Gnome) just so I could have easy samba sharing and a quick path to a working, productive desktop. Had avoided Ubuntu for about a year or so, but here I am, back at it.

    I’m an average fella who has trouble finding the right how-tos to make Suse right. A new drive will get here on Tuesday, so I have until then to make up my mind, but so far Mint may be my answer.

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