participating in packman… not.

It’s that time again… when I try to get my packages into packman.

On their website it says (in german), “send a mail to our mailing list if you want to help out…”

I’ve done that three times so far. The first two had been simply ignored. The third time I actually got a reply… telling me to show up in their IRC channel #packman on Freenode.
Ok, no problem with that… yet.

So one day I show up there, and ask what I have to do to help out with the packman project.

I am told to “show some of the packages that I’ve made so far”, so I hand them the link to my openSUSE Build Service repositories for general stuff and for Snowglobe.

Some time later I ask wether someone has looked at stuff yet… and I get a simple, short “No.”

If there’s one thing that I won’t do, it’s begging to be allowed to help with something.

Third offer, no takers, welcome to the real world.

2 thoughts on “participating in packman… not.

  1. it is the same in slovak gnome localization team… no one fucking cares to guide you through and allow you to work imediately… not to mention launchpad for ubuntu translations… i am already waiting for months to be allowed join our translators team… fuck entire foss

  2. I’m glad that it’s not like that all over the place though. took me about a day and half to get write access to KDE subversion… 😉

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