I’ve been using KDE4 alongside with KDE3 for some time now.

Here’s my summary:

  • Eyecandy is pretty but slows down your computer
  • Some features that I’ve been using in KDE3 are missing from KDE4
  • Quite a number of KDE Applications got “dumbed down” in the move to KDE4

Best example for the last point is amarok.
The old amarok had these “intelligent playlists” where you could set up all kind of filters to get an automatic, refilling playlist. Like, you would set up something like “15 random tracks that are from one of the following categories, AND have not been played in the last X days”.

In amarok on KDE4 you can set a filter to “has not been played after (this or that fixed date)”, and you can set a filter to one category, and you have these weird “accuracy” sliders… and it is quite unclear if the two or more filters are linked by “and” or “or”…

Another simple point: In KDE3 you could add a submenu of your applications menu to show up in kicker as a separate “startmenu”… in KDE4 you can’t.

Next one…
on KDE4 the context menu of your desktop doesn’t have a “lock” or “logout” item…

Then there are a few annoyances as well, such as a screensaver password that has to be entered twice even though you’ve set the screensaver not to ask for a password at all…

2 thoughts on “KDE4

  1. Yeah there are things I like and dislike about KDE4. But I must admit I’m finally getting used to it. I like the fact that you can search for apps by name in the KDE menu. And they have greatly improved the network management in that it’s pretty simple to join a wireless networking that has WPA encryption turned on. I guess that’s going to happen in any major overhaul–some features get dropped while new ones are added.

    I will agree though–I am not happy with the new Amarok–the old one was stable and easy to use…this one crashes on me a lot. 🙂

  2. I’m getting used to it by now too, but still… 4.2.4 is not stable, and 4.3.0 is not that much better… ever tried anything more complicated than accessing a SSL site with konqueror? like, a site that requires a client certificate?
    …don’t even try. ssl certificate management in kde4 is FUBAR.

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