The emperor’s new clothes, or “This pair of pants has three legs”

I’ve been trying to find a netbook distribution that works on my slightly ancient Asus eeePC 4G.

[insert howls of frustration here]

So far, not a single one that I’ve tried worked at all, with the exception of Easy Peasy.

Problem is, I wanted to replace Easy Peasy since the latest version (1.6) doesn’t work too well with the ridiculously small screen of the 4G…

So far I’ve tried MeeGo, Ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix and Moblin… any suggestions, anyone?


Easy Peasy – the netbook’s new clothes

I just reinstalled my tiny Asus eeePC with a specialized ubuntu variant called “Easy Peasy”.
Haven’t played around with it much yet, all I can say is that the UI is more pleasing to the eye and more easy to navigate than the original.
Next step will be several major tweaks listed on the easy peasy wiki and elsewhere, namely this one. With only 4GB internal storage, compressing /usr sure sounds tempting…