Mozilla Thunderbird 68.0

no thanks

Long version:

I just got updated to Thunderbird 68.0 on my linux desktop systems.

Started it, and found that ALL add-ons except two had been disabled or removed, and the two that were left did not do anything anymore.

For example, lightning was still there but there was no way to actually open your calendar.

Good thing I had a way to roll back to 60.8. That one works the way I need it to.

Microsoft wants to push exFAT-Support directly into the Linux kernel

Here’s a little piece on one of microsoft’s many blogs…

I kind of think that this might actually be a really huge bit of news.

Why? My biggest two reasons are:

  1. Smartphone manufacturers making android phones won’t have to license the exFAT patent anymore to be able to support sd card storage on their devices.
  2. Microsoft used to use the patent on exFAT for years as a “weapon” to fight Linux. Now they themself want linux to support exFAT.