The joys of software

I have several wordpress blogs installed. All on the same webserver in different vhosts, same wordpress version, same plugins.

On two of them the plugin that does the tweeting/plurking/facebooking/googleplussing of new blog posts works fine … on two it does not.

And with no root access it is fiendishly hard to find out what’s wrong.

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  1. Mathias,

    joys of software .. spelling correction…

    AND with no root access it is fiendishly …. you left out the ‘R” in friendly 🙂

    What I have seen … Linux – an introduction . read all the pages … NICE review from my, UNIX class’s back in the ’90’s. awk – grep – writing scripts … I *was* pretty good at the time. I did have trouble with regular expressions…. but, got that nailed down (then).

    I voted – I like this page – I bookmarked it


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