Survey results are in

Here are the results from the survey:

75% answered “yes” on the question whether they use kontact or not. Those who answered “no” did not get to the rest of the survey. All questions except the last two were multiple choice.

Component usage:

E-Mail 93,42%
Contacts 78,95%
Calendar 77,63%
Feedreader 53,95%
Task list 35,53%
Summary 19,74%
Yellow Notes 17,11%
Journals 10,53%
Time tracking 9,21%
Other 9,21%

Mail protocols:

IMAP 72,6%
POP3 47,9%
Local Maildir 17,8%
Other 11,0%

Calendar sources:

Vcard files 75,0%
Google contacts plugin 29,4%
CardDAV 11,8%
LDAP 10,3%
Kolab etc 10,3%
Other 7,4%
Novell Groupwise 1,5%

Address sources:

iCal file 66,1%
Google calendar plugin 32,3%
CalDAV 21,0%
Kolab etc 14,5%
Other 11,3%

Quality compared to other PIM applications or email clients:

Poor 11,1%
Below average 16,7%
Average 34,7%
Good 33,3%
Excellent 4,2%

Has kontact improved over time:

Improved 23,9%
The same 25,4%
Worse 50,7%

2 Replies to “Survey results are in”

  1. Many users, including myself, got used to the luxury of being able to do things with Kontact/Kmail in KDE 3.5 era with ease, efficiency and speed. The introduction of the akonadi/nepomuk backend was a set back for those of us. Kontact just started to look like what it used to be, but it has to get better than that. After all, we have been waiting patiently for how may years now to see this happening. Of course we are aware that this is a unilateral demand since most of us cannot contribute to the development efforts.

  2. +1 for Hakan’s words. I used to be a die-hard kmail user with over 1.200 filters configured and over 150.000 mails stored in my kmail 1.13.6 system. But since akonadi appeared on the scene, the user experience has become messier and messier. Things just don’t work, configuration requires a computer science degree, performance becomes an issue, development of the application moves away from user’s wishes. Now, 2012, KMail2 is still a no-no, for new mails I switched to TB+Enigmail, the only problem left is how to manage the very large amount of data that are in maildir format.
    I wonder what the inventor of Akonadi thinks of his software. What are the “advocates”, the Akonadiots, thinking, who drummed into everyones ears that the Akonadi way of doing things was better? In reality, the Akonadi ideology has turned into an enormous disaster which is killing KDEs credibility as a whole (no KDE program is more important the the mailer, which was ruined by Akonadi). The fact that Mandriva had to switch to Thunderbird tells it all. And, let’s face it, Akonadi has been a problem for years now, formerly kontact/KDE-sympathising people are defecting in droves, why would QA of Akonadi suddenly work? The system is too ambitious and will likely never be pulled of well. And that means the days of a nice, fast, dependable, normally-configurable user-centric KDE mailer are over. What a sad story this is!

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