A tale of two internets

Lately I’ve come to think that there are two separate Internets out there, existing side by side and with little interaction between them.

One of them is the internet that we all know, populated by people who write their little rants about anything they care enough about.

The other is a scary place where semi-intelligent bots imitate human behaviour by auto-generating streams of gibberish aimed at each other, making it look like strangers talking to strangers.

Case in point: get a twitter account. post any random tweet but add “popular” hashtags. Observe the behaviour of “the net”. Pay special attention to some of the new followers you’ll get… do you really believe that someone follows 25000 people?

Who made up this “You have to be on twitter and facebook to be a successful company” fad, anyways?

Related: If “Search Engine Optimization” worked, none of those self-proclaimed “SEO Experts” would have to spam twitter… they would just be found with google.


KDE 4.7 – You didn’t think you would get off that easily, would you?

OK, so now I did a clean install on some old work laptop.

openSUSE 11.4, fresh off the DVD, on an empty harddisk.

KDE 4.6 or whichever version comes on the DVD worked fine, using the GSM/UMTS/EDGE card that my company gave me works fine too.

So I’m using that UMTS network to upgrade KDE to 4.7, and after that, plasma crashes every time I try to connect through UMTS… terminating the connection.

So, this time, not even a rollback to 4.6.5.