participating in packman… not.

It’s that time again… when I try to get my packages into packman.

On their website it says (in german), “send a mail to our mailing list if you want to help out…”

I’ve done that three times so far. The first two had been simply ignored. The third time I actually got a reply… telling me to show up in their IRC channel #packman on Freenode.
Ok, no problem with that… yet.

So one day I show up there, and ask what I have to do to help out with the packman project.

I am told to “show some of the packages that I’ve made so far”, so I hand them the link to my openSUSE Build Service repositories for general stuff and for Snowglobe.

Some time later I ask wether someone has looked at stuff yet… and I get a simple, short “No.”

If there’s one thing that I won’t do, it’s begging to be allowed to help with something.

Third offer, no takers, welcome to the real world.